Academic Research and Planning

Bakhter university recognized the research as key component of the university strategies and aims to place itself as Afghanistan’s top research institution. Our academic enterprise should encourage discovery, creativity and innovation across the spectrum of teaching, learning, and research. Following activities are planned to be delivered during the strategic plan period.
A competitive process of research that could improve the current practices and result in enhanced economic system nationally like:

  • Strengthen coordination among teachers overtaking research activities.
  • Establish relations with international universities and academia for join research activities.
  • Ensure sustainability of the research center through resource mobilization and delivery of external funded projects.

Strengthen and Implementation of Credit System

To strengthen implementation of the credit system, the University has already informed faculty to enhance the assessment and make sure students are assess based on the following assessment methods.

actual attendance
tests taken during the course
projects/research work
oral/written examination

furthermore, University Management and faculty are asked to focus on other matter related to credit mainly, student’s workload, learning outcome and contact hours. Usually, the more work and effort a student is required to put into a course, the more credits that course is worth.

Strengthening Students Services

Bakhter university continuously strive to strengthen students’ services and ensure student receive the required assistance on timely manner. The university believes that students in Afghanistan rarely find a chance to receive professional career advice before they could decide the program of their choice. In number of cases it is proven that the students select a program that is currently demand driven in the job market, while they graduate after four year, as such whether their decision is valid in the future or not entirely depends on their luck rather than a technical analysis of the future needs of Afghanistan. Despite the university website where students access programs and application guide, the academic department is providing advice and support to prospective and existing students. The university has a well-equipped computer lab, library and students are provided with up to date knowledge of the market through workshop and conferences.
By observing the implementation of the strategic plan and considering the observance of the gender of the University Administration, it has performed the following services.

  • Provide safe space for better education
  • Eliminate any linguistic, ethnic or racial prejudices, taking into account the gender balance in the teaching process.
  • Providing electronic facilities, including the LMS (Learning Management System) which students can obtain all their information using a password from the relevant folder.
  • Scientific Research Center for the use of students and professors, both male and female.
  • Establishment and activation of the Students' Union, both boys and girls, with regard to specific function.
  • Provide a development plan for students' skills
  • Creating job opportunities through the Student Services Office
  • Preparation of a specific room for the provision of student services by the University Administration
  • Provide first aid services
  • Set up sports teams, football, volleyball, cricket and badminton
  • Develop a workshop for students to participate in community affairs
  • Extensive student participation in committees and other social activities
  • Prepare Jim Separti with sufficient capacity
  • Connection of students of fields related to the country's manufacturing factories
  • Establish an education system to conduct research
Bakhtar University