Introducing Quality Assurance

The Department of Quality Improvement and Accreditation Bakhtar University was established in 2013 within the framework of the Ministry of Higher Education. The purpose of establishing this department is to develop a quality higher education system. It sets up, monitors, and observers the quality improvement and accreditation process. This office provides necessary facilities for proposal of quality standards higher education, encourages quality improvement, continuously monitors quality improvement programs, and ensures that minimum standards are met by this university. The QaD will also examine whether Bakhtar University have provided services based on Afghanistan's needs. The purpose of Quality Improvement and Guarantee Committee is to plan and evaluate quality of university’s services provision by measuring these activities, as well as providing appropriate solutions and suggestions and helping to plan for their improvement. Bakhtar University, In terms of quality aims have a good reputation at national and regional levels. Also, as per instruction and guideline esteemed directorate, quality assurance sub-committees at university level were created in order to advance organization work. .

Quality Assurance Committees

The main functions are monitoring teaching, research and leadership. Improving capacity and providing quality services should be prepared in a balanced way in all three of above sections and also to raise skills of other supporting departments such as office, laboratory .

Duties of Quality Assurance Committee
  • Make Efforts to improve quality in Bakhtar University.
  • Supervise internal evaluation process of Bakhtar University , faculties and departments.
  • Preparation of in-house assessment reports.
  • Review report of self-assessment of graduates and departments.
  • Collaborate with review team during appraisal.
  • Familiarity with National Strategic Plan for Higher Education, Strategic Plan of relevant institute and important documents on credit and quality assurance, including quality assurance and accreditation bill and internal evaluation criteria.
  • Provide advice to director, scientific vice chancellor of Bakhtar University on improving quality of universities and public services such as laboratories, computer centers, libraries, providing services to students, research and other scientific fields of institute.
  • Preparing appropriate documents for committee based on reviewing scientific and administrative activities of Bakhtar University and self-assessment of each faculty.
  • Maintaining confidentiality of committee decisions, discussions with faculty, faculty members, students, staff and other members of institute.
  • Establishing working relations with Department of Quality Improvement and Credit of Ministry of Higher Education.
  • Preparation of annual monitoring report, periodic review of programs and follow-up of implementation of related operational plan.
  • Performing other duties related to improving and improving quality assigned by competent authorities.
QaD Key Activities
  • Develop an operational plan based on weaknesses, threats and opportunities for all quality assurance and accreditation criteria.
  • Preparing a mechanism for implementing operational plan and presenting ways out of obstacles to its implementation.
  • Supervise implementation operational plan at all levels of Bakhtar University .
  • Supervising implementation of Ministry's national strategic plan and strategic plan of Bakhtar University and preparing a quarterly report on field.
  • Conducting circles to implement quality assurance plans and programs at institutional level.
  • Implementation of other programs assigned by Ministry of Quality Improvement Department.
  • Preparation and implementation of new innovations and programs that lead to quality improvement.
  • Monitoring budget and assistance for Bakhtar University for consumption to implement operational plan, strategic plan and other plans.
  • Monitoring and reviewing implementation of learning and learning policy, teaching improvement plan and individual operational plan at level of Bakhtar University .
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