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The BS in Computer Science degree program at Bakhtar University prepares students to be confident software developers and technical problem solvers. Bakhtar University computer science graduates are known for solid preparation in the fundamental principles of the discipline. In addition to the core computer science courses, students are given the opportunity to broaden their analytical and scientific skills by completing coursework in physics, statistics, and mathematics. This knowledge is then applied as students study the deep theoretical underpinnings of the science in class and laboratory work associated with most courses. This broad foundation gives students the power to maintain their skills and functionality in the rapidly changing world of technology. The BS in Computer Science program at Bakhtar University is 142 credit hours degree program. The BSCS degree program comprises 24 computer science subjects, five engineering subjects, eight institutional subjects, four mathematics subjects, and four specialized elective subjects in Software Engineering and Computer Networks. At the end of the course work, a student must complete his six credit hours of project report for the successful completion of the BS Computer Science degree program.

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Bachelor in Computer Science


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